Health care should remain comprehensive and accessible as you age. At CommunityMD, our caring team provides outstanding senior care in the Atlanta metropolitan area. CommunityMD takes pride in supporting the well-being of the community that set the foundation where the three offices are located. From massage therapy to coordinated care and more, you can be confident in your care at CommunityMD. Call today or schedule an appointment through the online portal to learn about the various senior care services.

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What is senior care?

Senior care is a group of flexible and dynamic services that meet your specific needs. As you age, life throws new challenges your way that require additional assistance. However, these challenges should never diminish your quality of life. With proper senior care, lifestyle adjustments are simple and easy to follow.

If getting to and from CommunityMD proves too cumbersome, a vehicle may be provided as courtesy transportation for senior care. What’s more, annual wellness visits guarantee a personalized prevention plan based on your health and individual risk factors. Senior care also includes massage therapy, social support for social services, and coordinated care.

Does senior care provide transportation?

Depending on your coverage, senior care and Medicare may provide transportation to and from your scheduled appointments. This varies regarding your specific plan. Some plans only cover medical emergencies. Other plans cover transportation when deemed medically necessary. Speak with your Medicare representative to learn more about your coverage.

Your local community may offer local transportation services centered around senior care as well. Georgia Services for Seniors may provide non-emergency transportation. Check with your local city to learn more information about transportation services.

What is an annual wellness visit?

An annual wellness visit is a yearly appointment where you set up a tailored plan that aims to prevent future illness. The annual wellness visit considers your current health and risk factors. It is important to note that this is not a physical exam. Activities that may occur during this visit include:

  • Reading vitals and anthropometric measurements
  • Reviewing your safety
  • Health risk assessment
  • Screening for cognitive decline
  • Providing health advice

These activities are updated in subsequent visits.

What is coordinated care?

Coordinated care involves the transfer of your health information between family, caregivers, pharmacists, nurses, and other support staff. That creates a faster and more streamlined process when you receive health care services from your providers. Coordination is vital in communicating your needs and preferences across the interdisciplinary team.

Your health information is secure and protected within the medical teams that serve you. Coordinated care includes a variety of strategies such as:

  • Communicating valuable information
  • Swiftly adapting to your changing needs
  • Establishing responsibility between providers
  • Providing relevant resources

Learn more about the variety of senior care services that CommunityMD has to offer by calling one of our offices today. Scheduling through the online portal is also a secure way to get started.