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What is primary care?

Primary care is health care that addresses the majority of your personal health needs. Primary care examines relevant information between you and your primary care physician to provide accessible and quality health services. Your health is best supported by maintaining a consistent connection with your primary care physician, who is familiar with your unique needs.

There are several tools physicians use to support your well-being, such as health promotion and education. Likewise, disease prevention strategies and counseling are additional ways primary care promotes a healthy community. By collaborating with the interdisciplinary team, your visit is a well-rounded experience.

Primary care includes several subgroups, such as family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, and gynecology. However, sometimes specific conditions require more specialized care than what primary care offers.

Is primary care the same as a specialist?

Primary care is not the same as a medical specialist. However, your primary care physician is qualified to treat the majority of your medical concerns. In instances where external resources are required, the interdisciplinary team will refer you to the proper specialist, placing your health and interests first.

What is a primary care physician?

A primary care physician uses years of expert medical training and education to provide superb care. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, your primary care physician offers extensive and comprehensive knowledge. Your health flourishes when you are under the care of the team at CommunityMD.

How does primary care promote your health?

By understanding your condition and offering the latest in innovative treatments, the team at CommunityMD provides valuable primary care to promote your health. Primary care helps you create positive habits to promote a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the physician offering primary care monitors your progress and development over time and adjusts the goals when needed.

Primary care incorporates prescriptive therapies, such as medication, with supportive therapies to support your health. It is important to incorporate a combination of multiple therapies, rather than relying on one. Promoting a balance between the therapies helps you become a more proactive participant in your health care journey.

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