Preventive medicine is essential in averting the development of chronic disease. Our proactive team at CommunityMD, located throughout the Atlanta metro area, provides preventive medicine to support your well-being and a healthy immune system. Several factors affect your health, such as the environment, genetics, and lifestyle choices. Learning about preventive medicine is easy when you call one of our offices or book through the online portal.

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What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is the promotion of health services that aim to circumvent the development of chronic disease. Preventive medicine experts monitor many biomarkers, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. Additionally, they use various skills to create actionable plans that include research, evaluation of health services, and statistics.

Health care professionals address your individual health concerns. An in-depth look at your daily life offers valuable insight into what lifestyle modifications and treatments are best suited for you.

How do preventive medicine services help?

Preventive medicine aids in a healthy lifestyle by lowering your risk factors. Various treatments achieve this by boosting your immune system and providing health screenings that offer valuable data. Preventive medicine screenings include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood work
  • Cancer screening
  • STI/STD tests
  • Checking cholesterol
  • Immunizations

Signs of potential illness are treated with regular check-ups. The team at CommunityMD also administers physical exams by noting significant physical changes. They act swiftly and accordingly should significant symptoms arise.

What are some preventive medicine treatments?

Treatments in preventive medicine vary depending on the specific indicators present. Scheduling regular check-ups is an excellent way to practice preventive medicine. Furthermore, managing your cholesterol and blood pressure is a fantastic way to ensure longevity.

There are additional lifestyle modifications to help prevent the onset of chronic disease. You can lower your risk factors by:

  • Moderate exercise
  • Using contraceptives
  • Consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Omitting tobacco products

By incorporating several of these preventive medicine techniques, you can lead a healthier life. Take small steps by trying one at a time to adjust more easily to new changes.

Does insurance cover preventive medicine if you’re not sick?

Fortunately, most health insurance plans require coverage of some basic level of preventive services. Many insurance companies incentivize preventive medicine, as illness can be costly. Service coverage varies depending on your provider, however. It is best to speak with your insurance representative to better understand your individual health plan.

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