The FDA-approved Lunula Laser™ provides exceptional results for those looking to reduce toenail fungus. CommunityMD offers this latest technology to promote healthy and clear toenails. Call one of our local offices today to schedule an appointment. You can also book using the online reservation system to learn more about the Lunula Laser.


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What is the LunulaLaser™?

The LunulaLaser is a light therapy system to treat persistent toenail fungus. The technology uses constant waves of low-level light to create immaculate results and promote the growth of healthy nail tissue. In a single study evaluating 54 toenails afflicted with fungus, 67% of patients saw 3 mm of clear growth over six months.

How does LunulaLaser work?

The LunulaLaser provides effective light therapy while you relax. When you arrive at CommunityMD, simply sit in the examination chair and place your feet within the apparatus. Feel free to enjoy any leisurely activity while the LunulaLaser treats the infected area.

LunulaLaser’s light therapy uses violet wavelength light beams to target stubborn fungal infections. They trigger a reactive oxygen species within the fungus, which later converts to hydrogen peroxide and acts as a natural antiseptic underneath the toenail.

LunulaLaser then switches to a red wavelength to target the tiny blood vessels in your toes and stimulate nitric oxide production. The violet and red lights work to deteriorate the fungus and promote your body’s natural healing process.

Is the LunulaLaser safe?

The LunulaLaser is a safe and effective treatment to nurture cleaner, healthier nails. The technology uses light therapy and doesn’t initiate physical contact with your foot. The process is painless, and there is no downtime following a LunulaLaser procedure. You can feel confident in your favorite pair of sandals knowing that LunulaLaser remedies any discolored, cracked nails.

Would I benefit from a LunulaLaser treatment?

There are many forms of toenail fungal treatment on the market. Several oral prescriptions come with risks and limitations that may not be beneficial to you. Antifungal medications often require liver screenings to ensure healthy function. Some pre-existing conditions may also limit your treatment options.

Additionally, bypassing treatment for your afflicted nails increases the risk of more inflammation and infection. LunulaLaser offers a safe and contactless treatment option without the hassle of extra lab tests. Always speak with your medical care provider before considering significant changes that could affect your health.

How long are LunulaLaser treatments?

LunulaLaser promotes healthy nail growth in as little as 10-15 minutes. Many patients see results after only four treatments to the affected area.

To schedule your quick LunulaLaser treatment, call one of the offices in Atlanta or Newnan, Georgia. You can also book discreetly using the online reservation system.