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What is lab testing?

Lab testing is the use of any bodily fluid to screen for potential illness and shows markers regarding your health. The information helps diagnose potential illness and shows markers regarding your health. Lab testing includes a mix of blood work, urine samples, and other bodily fluids. By screening this information regularly, signs of illness are caught early when treatments are most effective.

What does lab testing look for?

Lab testing looks for specific biomarkers depending on the test the team performs. For example, during blood work, A1c levels help show early signs of diabetes based on blood glucose levels from the past three months. Additionally, blood work helps identify how well your immune system is functioning.

Other tests, such as a urine sample, may detect bacterial growth, which could indicate the presence of an STD.

Multiple tests paint a picture of your bodily function and help your physician dictate a plan of action.

How do you prepare for lab testing?

The most important way to prepare for lab testing is to follow the instructions provided to you by the CommunityMD team. It’s critical to follow all instructions given as they may influence the outcome of the results. For example, eating too soon before blood work results in skewed cholesterol data.

Some of the common instructions include:

  • Fasting for a specific time
  • Avoiding recreational drugs and alcohol
  • Being mindful of strenuous activity
  • Staying hydrated

Other tests may require you to prepare in special ways. Common tests include cortisol, pap smear, and creatinine tests. To reiterate, the best way to prepare for lab testing is to follow the provided instructions and ask questions if you are unsure.

If you forget any of the instructions preceding lab testing, it is imperative that you are honest. Additionally, the practitioner performing the test should be made aware of any dietary supplements you consume. Lab testing requires consistency to ensure swift and relevant follow-up treatments.

Is lab testing safe?

Lab testing is a safe procedure that results in little to no discomfort or downtime when performed by a qualified professional, like the experts at CommunityMD. You may experience slight bruising at the site of a blood draw for blood work.

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