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About Natasha Williamson, AGNP-C

Nurse Practitioner located in Atlanta, Newnan & Tucker, Georgia

Natasha Williamson
About Natasha Williamson, AGNP-C

Natasha Williamson, AGNP-C, is an experienced, board-certified adult gerontology nurse practitioner at CommunityMD in Atlanta and Newnan, Georgia. She is certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. 

Ms. Williamson’s most genuine desire is to foster and enhance a balanced and positive healing experience for her patients. She seeks to acquire a comprehensive evaluation of her patients by taking the time to engage them in all aspects of their health. She lives by the motto that “health is the true wealth.”

 Ms. Williamson began her clinical career as a registered nurse, completing her undergraduate studies at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences in Orlando. She earned her master’s in nursing at Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over her training, Ms. Williamson gained experience in various specialties, including cardiology, neurology, and long-term acute care. She also served as Hospital Nurse Educator. Ms. Williamson is licensed in Georgia to provide well-rounded health care to patients ranging from young adults to the elderly. Her scope of practice encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, and management of chronic health conditions across the aging span. 

Natasha lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and loves spending time with her husband and daughter.