At CommunityMD, the compassionate team commits to providing excellent medical services for communities in and around Atlanta, Tucker and Newnan, Georgia. CommunityMD builds on three pillars to uplift and support the local neighborhoods: quality of care, quality of service, and quality of life. Managing your health has never been easier with an expert team of medical professionals at three local locations.

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CommunityMD prides itself on the quality of care it provides. When you come to CommunityMD for treatment or service, the attention is what you’d expect from a loved one. Patients receive care with open arms and an open mind. The team finds joy in knowing its local community thrives.

Quality of service is no exception. As astute professionals, CommunityMD believes in service for the betterment of the community. The team acts as one selfless unit, putting your health first because that’s what matters most. CommunityMD provides unmatched services by supporting your health through years of medical expertise and the use of the latest in technology.

CommunityMD offers comprehensive primary and senior care. Quick and accurate diagnostic and lab testing guarantees you receive the best in preventive care. CommunityMD provides outstanding mental health and foot care services, leaving no part of your health unchecked.

Lastly, the team recognizes the impact a single person’s health makes in relation to the entire community. CommunityMD contributes to the health and betterment of every person who walks into the clinic. Uplifting one person means uplifting the entire community.

Schedule a consultation with CommunityMD. With offices in Atlanta and Newnan, Georgia, you’re just one call or click away from embarking on a new and exciting health care journey.